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What is the .VNT file format?

Your memos and notes on smartphones and tablets are stored in the .vnt file format. When you transfer the notes from your Samsung, Android or Windows device, unfortunately there’s no program to open the .VNT files on your Windows computer. Even if you open the .vnt with a text editor, it is often encoded and you can not read it properly.

This website can convert your vnt files to text (.txt) online. You don’t need to instal a special vnt converter to use this website. Just upoad your file and you will see the text from the file. Then copy the text and do whatever you want – paste it in notepad or Word and save it as a .txt or .doc file.

54 thoughts on “Convert your .VNT file to text

  1. Thanks a lot. In this commercial world usually people won’t reveal the easiest way with regard to computers. You will be rewarded for your service.

  2. any Memo(.vnt) which has content that includes Colon symbol : , the text after that portion will get truncated. Please fix this error for future users.

    Overall its a very useful online vnt to text Converter. Good Job and you deserve the donation.

  3. Thanks to Tore’s comment the bug with the “;” symbol was fixed. Thank you, all – for your support and donations!

  4. Thanks to an earlier commenter I figured out the issue. It had something to do with my use of the ; symbol. :)

  5. This page has been very helpful in actually managing to make the notes I transferred from my mobile (Samsung Galaxy S2) usable.
    Now, if only I could figure out why it in some files only translates half of it that’d be great. :-\

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